MarVSSiw : Marcus Vs
by Marcus & Siw
MarVSSiw : Marcus Vs by Marcus & Siw

A very small Tourney style map with a simple and somewhat symmetrical layout. The layout is composed of a pair of two-level atrium's connected on both floors. Reflective surfaces are used excessively, but the contrasting blues and reds/oranges give the level some visual appeal. The architecture feels random and slightly cramped in some places. Bots play just fine.

Nothing to write home about.

Reviewed by Jay

Second Opinion

A really nice set-up, it's basically two main rooms with a connecting balcony. The theme is a subtle mix of tech and Gothic. Game play is great with 5-6, 8 if you like it really bloody. Connectivity is further enhanced (if not over extended) by a Teleporter, which made Tourney play better, but death match a little too crazy. The addition of a personal Teleporter is really too much. There is a little too much health, which helped DM games, but made Tourney games drag. Weapon selection is great, there's only one YA, but plenty of amour shards around. Item placement keeps the players moving about the entire map, and there are two RL. Lighting is well done, and stays consistent along with textures. Shaders used on the trim that really make this level stand out.

Go for it, I think you'll like it.

Reviewed by MajorDick

Ranked: 3.3 out of 5 (8 votes)

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