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The 3 Dayer
by x0r
x0r2 date: 17th July 2001 Quake3Arena Tourney level.CPMA ==================================================== title: The 3 Dayer file: x0r3.pk3 author: x0r email address: **email removed** description: Nice 1 on 1 tourney map Bot support!!!!!!!! Some CPMA only tricks. ==================================================== play information skills 0,1,2,3: no tourney: Yes CTF: no Bot File (aas): no other: no new sounds: yes(Bruce lee enter the dragon riff at Green Armour) new graphics: no new music: no [first of all id like to thank everyone in the promode chatroom for the ability to put up with 1000's of requests to playtest map and get it on a server] Special thanks to: Arqon for makin CPMA in the first place. NanoSpawn,again sorted out some probs,thanks BOSS;) Nicko apha dn Pl for lookin at the map,not much playtestign at all:\(no time:) And the wife for puttin up with the 3 day mappin spree to get this finished. Map took around 3 days,My third map and I seem of got better this time around:) R speeds can be high in central area:\ But map plays fast Designed to play only with CPMA Special thanks---- Decker for teh tele shader.You own:) Thats it Fuck a normal readme:) To play map ,Skirmish,Tournament,:) Emphasis is on gameplay and not how pretty it looks:) E mail me with pisstakes **email removed**
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