Temple at Full Moon
by kat
Temple at Full Moon by kat

A mid-sized 4-room map well dressed in standard id Gothic and blue-CTF textures. Excellent architecture and ceiling details break up the slightly boxy feel of the map. r_speeds are low and FPS is consistent and high, even with battles in the main atrium. Lack of ambient sounds is a slight drawback (especially in the lava basement). Lighting is good overall, though a little bland in places. The layout is very easy to learn, although the consistent texturing makes it a little difficult to see which side of the map you are running towards.

FFA and TDM games are a blast, especially with more than 4 players in FFA. Game play does get repetitive after a few rounds. Tourney is available as well, but IMO the map is a little large for Tourney. No weapons in the lava basement means you cover only the top floors of the map. A Rail Gun would be welcome. Armour, health and ammo are distributed very evenly over the whole map. Placing Quad and RA so close it questionable but, it makes for some exciting battles in the main atrium. Bots navigate the whole map and go for all items, but they tend to congregate in the main atrium (around the Quad+RA).

Worth the download.

Reviewed by QPsiren

Ranked: 3.3 out of 5 (6 votes)

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