Temple at Full Moon
by kat
* Map and General Information *

Title : Temple at Full Moon
Date : 04 July 2001 (finish date [dd/mm/yyy])
PK3 file : map-dmmtp.pk3
Filename : dmmtp.bsp
Author : Ken 'kenBOO..!!' Beyer
Email Address : **email removed** (subject 'maps')
Website : www.quake3bits.co.uk
Description : expansion of dmtpl1single room. Now include extra side 'rooms'
: and a lava filled 'dugeon' area. New jump pads to lower area,
: new pads in main arena corners and jump pads to get a quad and
: red armour about the statue of Major.

Additional Credits
: ID Software for allowing us to do what we do to the game!
: Map testers - Nigel 'P_HukU', Anwulf, pjw, Muttly, QkennyQ, wviperw
: and the other guys from Q3W level editing forum


Play Information

Game type : FreeForAll, Tournament, Team Deathmatch

Players : 4 players (recommended)
Bots : Yes. (AAS included - 3: Major, Lucy, Hunter)
Weapons : RocketLauncher, PlasmaGun, Lightning Gun, ShotGun
Power Ups : Regeneration, Quad, Invisability

Unzip the the zip file 'map-dmmtp.zip' into your quake3/baseq3 directory or copy/paste/move 'map-dmmtp.pk3' into the baseq3 folder.

Start Quake3Arena, click 'Skermish' and either select 'temple at full moon' from your map list (picture with 'temple at full moon' text on it) or press 'tilde' (USA) or the key above the 'tab' key (UK) to enter the console and type:

"/map dmmtp"



Base : original
Editor(s) used : GTKRadiant 1.1TAbeta
Known Bugs : Haven't discovered any yet but let me know if you do..!

Build Time : about 6 weeks (or there about's..!)

Textures used : 100% Quake III
Sound : n/a

Compile machine
: PIII 600
: 512megs RAM, Gforce2 MX 32MB
q3map compile Time
: TOTAL - 25 mins

Brushes : c.2950
Entities : c.270


Distribution / Copyright / Permissions
Feel free to distribute the files AS IS. All I ask is you give credit where it's due! Do not edit this text file under pain of a good spanking..!.

Copyright 2000 Ken Beyer (**email removed** - subject 'maps')

Quake III Arena is a registered trademark of id Software, Inc.