Temple at Full Moon
by kat
Temple at Full Moon by kat
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RedOne Rep. 87
#6   12 Aug 2010
Good, but not original. I aslo dislike the weapon placement, i take all the weapons i used from the bots.
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Octovus unregistered
#5   15 Jan 2002
Yes, that seems like the right place for the flag - or you could go more traditional and move the statue (which the PG and RL sit in front of, in the would be bases) up to that area you suggested for the flag and put the flag in place of the statue. If you know what I mean, you're doing better than I am :-p Certainly getting rid of the central statue would provide a "perfect" place for TA items...however, you might want to see if you can put it or some other decorative thing nearby, it could get overly plain. A bit more reason to take the lower route might be nice, right now only the powerup is really attractive (and it's not always there). However, the chance of teleporting into the enemies base might be enough if you kept the destinations the same :-)

That's probably all incoherent, so feel free to send me an e-mail - octovus@hotmail.com.


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Kat unregistered
#4   14 Jan 2002
Octovus: do you think peeps would go for this if there was a 'proper' CTFTeam based version?? Where would you perfer the flag to be? on the bit just above the arch to the lava section? If the statue was removed you could get OneFlag, Harvester in there... what do you think??

Any ideas would be welcome as i might do a CTF version because you're right it's kinda crying out to be a small CTF..!

thnx for the comments BTW..! :o)

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Octovus unregistered
#3   14 Jan 2002
Fun stuff! Very simple texturing, but it works out fine. The blue is a bit of an odd choice however; why wasn't the other end red? It would have gone with the teleporters. It also feels like this map wants to be a CTF map...in Team Arena it could work quite well, considering there's two central points (one below and one above) and two nice and small bases. Anyways I should evaluate it how it is.

I am very happy to see this map lacking a railgun. Due to the extremely open nature of the main battleground, your skill on predicting where you rockets will end up is tested to the extreme (that is, unless your PG ammo holds up or the fools get close enough for some SG/LG lovin').

A really simple map that turns out great - refreshing, wholehearted fun.


P.S. 9 from me.

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ButterB unregistered
#2   14 Jan 2002
Wow! Just getting to this one now?! I've had this one for a while and worth the download. We've had some really exciting TDM games on this one! Good job Kat!
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Kat unregistered
#1   14 Jan 2002
comments noted, thnx for the review..!
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