A HAIL OF RAIL by axbaby

A Hail of Rail provides some fast CTF action, which is very low on sfx and eye candy. High fps, but the map has all the ambiance of a supermarket parking garage. The punk-space tech theme used in some parts of the base seems completely at odds with the ancient Gothic stone crumbling nearby. No curves or other detailed brush work, the same few textures used in nearly every area of the map, and a number of misused Threewave directional markers stuck unceremoniously onto the walls and floors. The markers should have been made into sprites, or at least give a NoDraw texture on the back and sides. Item placement is awful. RG, RL, and GL are within inches of the flag, along with MegaHealth, YA, assorted ammo, and armour shards. The 10-second haste/regen powerups felt gimmicky, but the 20-second Quad takes the gimmick too far and becomes powerup overkill.

Steeply-angled launch pads used to launch the player a few scant feet is just odd. Bot play was typical CTF fare: they will get the flag and score, return their flag when it is missing, etc., but don't expect them to use more than one route.

There are better CTF maps out there.


Ranked: 3 out of 5 (15 votes)

Download: A HAIL OF RAIL by axbaby