by dTd
Octagon by dTd

This map has to have the sweetest colour scheme and lighting effects I have seen in a very long time. Using some nicely contrasting blue/black/brown textures, and with the help of carefully angled spotlights, dTd has managed to make the map look very original and extremely easy on the eye. A great example of how simple texturing can be done. This, however, is as far as the map goes.

Playing a map which is all inside a very large room is never much fun, and this one is exactly what it says on the .zip: an octagon. Game play never gets more complicated than spawning, rushing for the rocket launcher, then getting machine gunned to death by the person who has just spawned behind you. While dTd has tried to make it a little more interesting with a balcony around the edge of the map, he has made it too large to have any real effect on the way the map is played.

Nice texturing, no game play.

Reviewed by shots.

Ranked: 2.7 out of 5 (9 votes)

Download: Octagon by dTd