by dTd
Octagon by dTd
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i8088 unregistered
#7   20 Jan 2002
I don't care is that a UT remake or not, coz i think it is the best map for InstaGib Tournament!
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Anal Terror unregistered
#6   10 Jan 2002
Too bad it's a UT remake, since UT sucks so hard. But the colors are pretty so I'm downloading it for kicks.
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dTd unregistered
#5   05 Jan 2002
Just call me dork, I didn't put it in the readme, it's on my web page though ;)
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elvendawn unregistered
#4   05 Jan 2002
looks like one of the orignal UT maps to me... Morbias][ maybe

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dTd unregistered
#3   05 Jan 2002
Thanks for the "kind" comments, err I did mention it alot in the readme that this was a remake. As for the gameplay, I like this style of hectic rush-around-and-shoot game but I'm sure it's not for everyone ;)
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Tetzlaff unregistered
#2   05 Jan 2002
Probably no gameplay because it´s an Unreal remake (again...) ;)

Authors should really mention it in their readmes.

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Futureprobe unregistered
#1   05 Jan 2002
I like Octagons... :)

Will play the map now...

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