Water Giant
Water Giant by Castle

An immense map with lots of buildings, bridges and other touches that work well to give you the feel of running through a real mountain village. The author's stated aim is to prove that you could make huge levels that are even bigger than mp terra 2 and have better r_speeds which he does, in a sense.

The majority of the map has r_speeds in very respectable numbers, but on both bases of the map, they have frequent and sometimes prolonged peaks in the 10k-14k range, without any other players. With any type of activity or fire-fight going on, it can get very difficult to play, and I saw my r_speeds climb as high as 20k. Bots had some issues, and would frequently getting stuck running around in a small area, or pacing back and forth. The inclusion of the BFG with a quick respawn time didn't cause any major balance issues. A well placed rail shot will prevent anyone with a BFG from getting close to the base. The map has great connectivity, and multiple paths. The slightly varied base design worked well, and didn't cause any obvious problems.

Will need 16 friends with awesome machines that want to have a LAN party.

Reviewed by amethyst7.

Ranked: 3.8 out of 5 (41 votes)

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