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Water Giant
Date : June/ 04 / 2001 VERSION NUMBER : Version 1.0 =================================================== Title : Water Giant ver 1.0 Filename : Casdm9v1.bsp Author : Russell Meakim Jr Aka Castle Email Address : **email removed** =================================================== System Requirements: Medium to high system req needed. This level is pushing the limits a bit and may be to much for some systems because min player load is about 10 players to start getting really good. =================================================== Description : Water Giant has a bit of history to it. When I first started this level it was to prove that you could make huge levels that are even bigger than mp terra 2 and have better r speeds. It was the battle of Hand made geometry vs generated high poly geometry. The end result is Water Giant being to this day (the date listed above) is the largest fully playable level in quake 3 history. Yes this level is massive for quake 3 standards. After so long of working on the level I slowly came to terms that the r speeds will at times end up being higher than I planed for them to get. Though this level does run better than Mpterra2 it needs so many players that in the end your going to end up with even higher r speeds and loss of FPS than Mpterra2. So I decided that even though this map does prove that you can make better bigger levels by hand it also proves that using generated geometry isn't a sin either. I added these massive mountains far off in the distance made with generated geometry. At this point I believe that a good mapper should know when you need generated geometry and hand made geometry and he should never try to make a level all with just one method. All in all this level is very cool in its own right and considering that if you ever get a good LAN party going with 16 people or more this map will have no problems with player load Id say this map is a sure fire hit on those occasions! The level was made for Team Arena but will run in Vanilla Quake 3 as well with no problems. =================================================== Additional Credits to : Beth Kat from Artemis Software who made the Sky box Spog who let me beta test a early build of q3map with variable block sizes Eeatha who pointed out that the level had a texture Mem Problem. Who ever it was who made the Vr texture set thanks! Many people from the Q3 world forums helped me out. So many people helped with the design of this level I could never list everyone... thanks allot all of you. =) I think thats every one. If you did help me on this map and your not listed or you would rather not be known. As you can see I did my best to list every one and everything that helped me with this map so far. =================================================== * Play Information * Players : 10 16 min 32 Recommended New music : no New Graphics : VR textures used * Construction * Base : From Scratch Compile times: : 9 hours Build time so far : This one was started before team arena was released Editor used : Q3radiant/GTKR Installation and play : Unzip these (this) file(s) into BASEQ3. =================================================== * Copyright / Permissions * If you plan to do ANYTHING with this map I want you to tell me about it and ask me if it is ok. I may even help you with a newer version if you ask nice enough. =)
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