Concrete by wviperw

A small, fun tourney map, that really takes off in 3 player FFA. An interesting layout, with a slightly less used second floor concealing the Plasma Gun and some short-term snipe spots. The level has good flow and easy access to almost all points of the map. The main action seemed to take place in the Rocket Launcher/Rail Gun room and the Lightning Gun room. Using the slime to provide green lighting indoors gives a good feel to the level, as does the damaged ground outdoors. A few very minor texture misalignments, and a few odd texture choices, don't really detract much from this map. Anarki, the bot chosen by wviperw for this map, plays it very well.

A good map, that I will be keeping around for small LANS and a quick botmatch.

Reviewed by amethyst7.

Ranked: 3 out of 5 (5 votes)

Download: Concrete by wviperw