Emptied by syKotic

A bare and poorly lit environment could stand in for a mood of gloomy abandonment but instead the map just feels unfinished. Lighting is quite low in the outdoor areas, which becomes oppressive over time. The swish of the pendulum is at first eerie but after a while it fades into background noise.

Some features are good but others are underdone. The skylight above the Shot Gun works well, as does part of the upper courtyard littered with broken flagstones and scattered ammo. The Rail Gun ledge is small for such an important location, and the basement jump pad pushes players too high above the exit. The texture for the floor of the main atrium and the surrounding stairs is missing.

Game play for the most part is tedious and random in tournament; the haphazard placement of items confounds any attempt at strategy. FFA increases the fun a bit. The RA, MH and Regen are easily obtainable so there's little to stop players glutting on the richest items in the map. The Grenade Launcher, is the best inclusion. The lower floor with the RA and other ledges are excellent places for bombing.

Bots play okay, but with little enthusiasm.

A significant improvement over No Rest For The Weary (sykotrny1), but this map still lacks any coherent game play and the design is flawed in many places.

Good for only a few matches.

Reviewed by Kell

Ranked: 3.7 out of 5 (5 votes)

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