Shinning Forces
Shinning Forces by Crewmaac

A nice CTF map that works in Q3A and TA, plus supports the extra TA game types. The architecture is solid and effective, although some areas are a little simple. Texturing and lighting are both slightly understated and there are a couple of missing textures for people without mapmedia.pk3. Game play is good, providing some intense action in all game types. Overload and CTF are the most fun, with harvester faring the worst. The layout is easy to navigate without being overly simple, and really rewards good team play. Bots do ok, but tend to hang around the jump pads a bit. Shinning Forces is part of the Threewave Compilation Pak1

A fine addition to your collection.

Reviewed by Juz

Ranked: 4.2 out of 5 (17 votes)

Download: Shinning Forces by Crewmaac