Carmack Fortress
Carmack Fortress by deQer

Complex of Carmack's laboratories. Designed for the EntityPlus mod. The download contains three connected maps for a real Single Player experience. The enemies can be very hard to beat, especially Dr. Carmack himself (Klesk bot).

Spoiler: In the first map you will find four super human creations from Dr. Carmack and you will need to get past these to start the second map. Next you are up against two super human creations, who are guarding Dr. Carmack. After this, you will need to make your way through the small complex. The final map will have you facing three super humans and Dr. Carmack himself. To reach Dr. Carmack you need to get passed a simple column puzzle. Acquiring Carmack's BFG will end the campaign.

Also included are the Single Player classics of keys to access important and secure places.

Download and leave some feedback to help not only Deqer but other EntityPlus mappers.

Reviewed by CZghost

Tigs notes: While it is fantastic to finally see an EntityPlus release, this mission has some serious bugs which highlight the issues and complexity of creating both a single player game engine and the levels to accompany it. For example, at the very start it is possible to ride on the roof of the elevator back down. This will create an issue where the player can not die and can not go forward. Another example, but not the only one is the fact that it is possible to enter the final battle with only a Machine Gun. In fact, it is very possible to lose (almost) any weapon shortly after acquiring it and never see it again for the rest of the game. This can cause a serious gameplay issue as later you are given the chance to collect more ammo but never another weapon. deQer needs to be congratulated on the creation of this release, but hopefully deQer's next release will be less buggy.

Ranked: 2.8 out of 5 (12 votes)

Download: Carmack Fortress by deQer