The Edge Revisted!
Q2DM1: The Edge Revisted!

Author: Sean(ShoveL)Edwards
Email: **email removed**
File: "shovq2dm1_cpm.bsp"

This is an attempt to bring back The Edge for all you Q2 players in Q3.
There have been other releases, but none have really got it quite right, this version has been tuned for play with ProMode Mod.
Get it here:-

*** Important ***
I take only credit for the conversion and visual/geometry changes: this map's design is the brain child of Tim Willits of id Software.

Alot of work has gone into repairing the orignal converted bsp, rescaling, rebuilding and then polishing it, do not dismiss this as another dodgy
conversion! ;)

Build Time: 80 - 100 hours (lots of rebuilding/repairing/retexture after global rescale)
Compile Time: approx 10 mins

FFA/Team gametypes have different item distributions to 1v1 gametype which was tuned with the help of top players in the Promode community.

If your finding it a bit dark, do adjust your gamma(not to much =) I normally use "1" but found 1.1 or 1.2 a little better. The lighting uses the skymaps sun light and I also used an ambient value of 25. Lightning was really difficult(mainly the inner circular area) to do properly and I'm finding myself using the ambient key alot more than I use to even though it can flatten out contrasting shadows, having a consistent low level light throughout the entire map helps with the realsim. Most players who are realy competitive will use vertex anyway though.


Big thanks to Hubster for letting me upload on his site and getting me onto CPM! ;)

-The following ppl have helped in testing, thanks for the input guys it was really helpful!

Marem, Jugga, WithHeld, Vampyre, Frog, Cin, Hubster, Voo, xfoo, Q2Dm1Freak, JaLisk0, arQon, <|3FG20K>, Tetzlaff
Sorry if I forgot someone?

The wicked skymap was created by **email removed** visit his site at

I used 3 Jackboot textures by Kevin 'Rorshach' Johnstone

Check out Voos beta4 preview of all the tricks he has found that are possible when using Promode!

This is my last Q3 map, I'm off to start my new job as a Level Designer here, :)

Have Fun!