It's blue and it smells funny
by Geit
Release date: 7/1/2001
Title : It's blue and it smells funny
Filename : geit3dm2.pk3/
Author : Geit
Email Address : **email removed**
Uin : 8540475
Home Page :
Description : Geit3dm2 is as the name indicates my second Quake3 deathmatch map.
In this map I focused on the gameplay and tested it intensively. I used costum
textures and a costum sound, because I aim to creat original and refreshing maps.
I don't like all those quake3-themed maps out there (especially the numerous gothic-style ones)..
They might have great gameplay and architecture, but I just can't find them interesting enough to
Anyway this map is best fit for duels, but a 4 (maybe 5) player ffa match is als do-able.
I wouldn't recommend tdm in this map.

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Thanks to : Shaft, Outs and FAL (The Beta-Testers), iD (for quake3 of course :)=-), the guys at the Mahq
forum (for giving me usefull feedback on my ra3 maps), mahq (for pimping my ra3 maps, thanks guys :)=-),
Evil Lair (for those great textures), Death2Uall (for the costum sounds over at the sound factory)
and everybody I forgot to mention :)=-

Credits : Costum sound (near the YA) by Death2Uall (
All costum textures and shaders by Evil Lair (


* Play Information *

Game : Quake ]I[
Gametype : Quake3 deathmatch (preferbly 1on1)

* Construction *

Base : New level from scratch
Editor(s) used : Q3radiant build 201
Other Tools : Adobe Photoshop 5, q3build frontend

Known Bugs : None that I know of.. Please mail me if you find any...
Build Time : 2 days

Compile machine : celeron 433 with 224MB RAM
Compile Time : About 10 minutes

Brushcount : 1066
Entitycount : 221

If you liked it mail me
If you hated it tell me how to maker a better one

* How to use this level *
Unzip geit3dm2.pk3 into your baseq3\ directory
If you wish to view this map type the following in your quake3 console:
/map geit3dm2

* Where to get this map *
If you are reading this I presume you already have this map or are about to download
it.. But anyway.. You can get this map at the following adress:

* Copyright / Permissions *

- Authors may NOT change this level or use it as a base for their own levels.
- This map may be distributed in anyway you like, provided you include this
.txt files UNMODIFIED and distribute it without any sort of costs..
- CD-ROM publishers and other commercial people need my written permission before
they can distribute this level.
- All costum textures and sounds in this level are property of their respective owners