"XENON" Final

By Paul "WEXAL" Way


Title: Xenon
File: q3f_xenon.pk3
Author: Paul "WEXAL" Way
Email Address: **email removed**
URL: www.WEXAL.com
Description: 5 on 5 Capture the Flag (But it supports up to 20 players)

Play Information

Skills 0,1,2,3: Nope.
Tourney: Nope.
Deathmatch: Nope.
CTF: Yup. Q3F style. 5 on 5 CTF. Can support up to 20 players. 10 spawn points on each team, but I dont reccomend anything over 6 per team.
Bot File (aas): Nope.
Other: Nope.
New Sounds: Nope.
New Graphics: Yes. I use alot of the Quake3Fortress textures. I just put them all into one folder so I wouldnt have a headache using them.
New Music: Nope.

How To Play Unzip q3f_xenon.pk3 in your Quake3/baseq3/ folder (or your q3f folder). Use normally.


I've noted some FPS issues on Xenon, that because of what it is (a space map) cant be helped. This FPS issue MAINLY occurs in lower end machines. This map may not be suited for your machine, but that I can't help. My best advice is if the FPS gets to choppy for you, try the map in Vertex Lighting instead of Lightmap. It should clean any FPS issues up nicely.


Xenon is my first space map for Q3F. I tried to keep it small and compact. 5 on 5 is ideal for this baby. No secrets. Recons and Snipers have been removed for obvious reasons. Gren 1's and Gren2's have been removed from spawn, the only gren's in game are gren 1, and you get them by capping the flag. There is no cover in the spawn areas, I didnt see the need. If your teams bad enough that someone can get over there and spam the hell out of you, you deserve it. Gravity is down 100 points, from 800. Spacing will happen alot, dont let it get you down.

Additions from Beta 1:
1) Reversed Flag Stands.
2) Added Teleporter from Respawn to Lower Jump Pads (team specific teleporters, BTW).
3) Reduced Flag Down time, and Quad Power Time.
4) Cleaned some construction bugs.
5) Added some lights here and there.
6) Removed all spawn grenades. The only Gren's in game are Gren1's, and you get them from capping.
7) Some small structural changes.

Addition from Beta 2:
1) Fixed an errant brush overlap.
2) added some texture to the lower landing pads.
3) Edited some of the coding in the entities for ease of use.


Base: 100% original.
Editor: Q3Radiant
Other progs: Q3 Build
Know Bugs: No known bugs. Lemme know if you find at find at **email removed**
Build Time: 3 days main construction. A few hours fixing bugs/adding things.

My thanks to...

~Kent Wingsund for the Flag Time idea, Zath for the reduced Quad idea, TinCow for the Teleporters to the lower Jump Pads idea. BirdDawg for being a cool guy.
~id, for Q3A. Whoever made Q3Radient and Q3build. All the guys n girls at the Q3F team. Great game, guys.
~Every other mapper before me, who has probably infulenced how I do things one way or another.
~Ice Nine at www.railbait.com for being such a kick ass guy.
~The forums at www.q3f.com, and qw3.stomped.com
~The monkeys at the FPFC for my sanity.
( www.alcohol.org/fpfc/ )
~My BOYZ at clan SEI for being the ass kickers they are, and for helping me playtest the map in Beta2 stage.

Distribution / Copyright / Permissions

Copyright (c) 2000-2001 Paul Way, WEXAL, **email removed**
All rights reserved.

Quake III Arena is a registered trademark of
id Software, Inc.

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