A Warm Place
Title : A Warm Place(Out of context, NIN song)
PK3 Name : warmplace.pk3
Date : December 14, 2000
Author : "Dross" Robert Titland
Email Address : **email removed**
Home Page : members.nbci.com/dapumkins
Build time : a while
Botsupport : Yes
Suggested Players : 2-6
CTFsupport : no
Other maps released q3 : The Purple Room(pplroom.zip)(sucks), Mister Rocket(misterrocket.zip)
New Textures : Uses 95% evil textures from all 6 sets I believe. Great work Evil! I included the evil6 readme for more info.

Map Info: This map was pretty much built in 2 sittings but it took a while to get lighting and bots to work right. I've got bots do to pretty much everything but grab the quad. I wanted this map to be quick access to where ever you want to go. It really is. The megahealth is hard to get because there's 3 different jumppads for access. There is a secret(hint loading screen) that changes the whole gameplay. Find if you wish. I may release a Team Arena version depending if anyone thinks this map is any good. Let me know what you think!

Special Thanks goes to : Zhadum(Bionic Gerbil) for extensive playtesting. Evil Mustache for comments. Bill Brooks over at Qworkshop3.com forums for BSPC help. Halucinating Monkey at quake3world forums for compile help. Planetquake.com/LvL for betatesting. Quake3world.com for betatesting. Flares tutorial provided at qw3.stomped.com/tutorials/flares/ by KnightBK. I also snagged the tele shader from dfx1.pk3. I don't know who made the shader, but thanks. Thanks to anyone else I did not mention.

Evil Textures info: Get over to www.planetquake.com/hfx

$Legal crap$

This map is (c)Robert Titland
This map may be distributed freely by electronic means (internet and BBS)
as long as this txt file remains attached and unchanged.
Further distribution by CD or other media only with express consent of the author.