A Warm Place
A Warm Place by Dross
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Anonymous unregistered
#10   31 Dec 2007
Uh no there is no NIN music. I liked the song and I used the name for inspiration.
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hdot unregistered
#9   04 Feb 2005
lemme guess, it has the NIN song "a warm place" as it's music.
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Onionz unregistered
#8   24 May 2004
This map RULZ!
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Ogluktu unregistered
#7   08 Jul 2003
Nice, you got more like it?
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daman22 unregistered
#6   28 Sep 2002

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Cubey unregistered
#5   04 Aug 2001
Cool map, i love bounce around, good for instafreeze, i love space map hehehe
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Dross unregistered
#4   23 May 2001
Thanks for the comments Snake.

MM dunno, I guess there's too much bouncing. Every other map place likes it but good ol LvL. Anyway thanks.

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Snake unregistered
#3   20 Mar 2001
Yea it's confusing, but I like it because it's a space map.

Keep up the space maps, but maybe next time less bouncing :)

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Dross unregistered
#2   14 Mar 2001
Muahahahaha..thanks for the comments dude...my computer is still busted tho, at a friends. LOL like you'll see this.
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Bionic Gerbil unregistered
#1   28 Feb 2001
Confusing? wt</i> I think this map appeals to your sense of having eyes all around the skull! Even then, you'd need eyes on top of it and also underneath your feet to control all the field of vision needed to cover your ass to safety. I like that feel of not being able to ever know for sure what is going on. There is always some place you can't be sure about in there. I can even surprise Doom to death, hehe.

Navigation paths I agree aren't instinctive on the first round, yet to me it remains the best exercise to sharpen and peel my eyes, as well as trying to avoid the wrong place.

Long live the wrong place!

I mean, Long live the warm place! Just teasing ya dude =)

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