*** Designed for Quake3 Capture the Flag and eventually the Weapons Factory mod ***
Title : Map name = 2fort9CTF File name - 2fort9ctf.bsp
Author : =UA=Static
Email Address : **email removed**
Description : Standard Team Fortress style 2 fort map.
Where to get it : uo.tradespot.net/~...c/2fort9ctf.zip
* Play Information *

Single Player : No
Cooperative : No
Deathmatch : No
Capture The Flag : Yes, 2-32 players, best for 8-24 (minimum for fun is at least 8)
Difficulty Settings : No
New Sounds : Yes
New Graphics : Some Custom Textures
New Music : No
Demos Replaced : None
* Construction *

Base : scratch
Editor(s) used : Q3Radiant
Known Bugs : None (I hope)
Build Time : 1 months (Approx. 80-100 Hours)
Compiling time : 1 hr 45 minutes

Simply unzip the 2fort9ctf.zip in to the baseq3 directory where Quake 3 is installed and
it should work perfectly for you... no other steps required. If you have the OLD beta
version of 2fort9ctf.bsp in your baseq3/maps directory you DO need to delete it or it may
foul things up.

A remake of the well known 2fort style map that is extremely popular on Weapons Factory
and Team Fortress servers throught Quakedom. It features a rough set of 3 classes based
on weapons availability at spawn. Although this is not perfect it is about the best that
can be done with Vanilla CTF. Other than that the gameplay is standard CTF with 2 opposing
bases. This map is VERY large and is best played with 12+ people but can easily accomodate
as many as 12-14 per team without getting overly "crowded".



This map is property of =UA=Static.

Permission is granted to distribute in a public forum as long
as this text file is always distributed with it, as well as the custom textures and sounds.

- You cannot reverse engineer, alter, modify or in any way change
the *.bsp or text file and then redistribute it without express permission from
the owner (=UA=Static).

- If the owner (=UA=Static) decides to release the source code (the .map file), then
you're free to modify it in any way you like, provided you give the owner (=UA=Static)
the credit of the original base map.

- Thank you, have a nice day!