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by G.C.
================================================================ Version : 2 Title : Organicfusion Date : 1/03/00 Filename : ruutq3dm6.pk3 Author : G.C. Email Address : **email removed** ICQ : 23868718 Description : An organic/metal fused map with multi-tiered areas for sniping and such. The hot spot seems to be the area in the middle with the bounce pad. The biggest area is a lot of fun with everyone in it on multiple tiers. The quad is hidden in a secret area that can only be accessed by shooting the wall that is covering it up. The levels I make are purposely different from many of the "normal" maps everyone is familiar with. I try and be as different as possible, maybe to the extreme but its done my way which might not be your way. Enjoy it anyway dammit!! Secrets : There are for secret areas and the items hidden are - Quad, Invis, Lightning Gun, Mega Health.. More Secrets : Pay attention to visual clues as to where the hidden rooms are. You have to duck into some of them. To get to the Regen and Haste you must Rocket jump. Didn't want to "give" these item freely! CTF : CTF is supported in this map except for the flags on each sides base. If I put the flags denoting each side it would look funny in DM. Additional Credits to : Thanks to all the other mappers on the Q3world board. Paul J. obviously. Comments : This map plays best with a some detail turned down if you have a so-so card like mine. Check out www.organicfusion.com/ruut for my mapping site and the other mappers I host We are discussing coming together and releasing a map pak or two. To 3wave CTF : Next time you make a Pak file you might want to create your own directories since your textures and shaders are lumped in with ID's. I didn't even know I used one of your textures until I tested my final compile and had a missing texture. Luckily I found it and enclosed it in my .pak file. Extra Thanks To : NoNameYet the best tester I have ever had. Belgium I thank you:) One More Comment : In the large area with multi-tiers, the ground is supposed to be all crooked and bumpy! Outdoorsy. Previous Q3 Maps : Q3 - Name:Rail or Whine BSP name:ruutq3dm5 Description:A small rail only map ================================================================ - Play Information - Players : 6-10 players but I'm sure some admins will run more. Also good for 1 on 1 suprisingly. Bots : Yes - Although they seem to stand around at certain times, I put it in for people who need it. Weapons : All but the llama weapon - BFG Armor : Plenty Ammo : Plenty Health : Plenty Directions : Put the ruutq3dm6.pk3 file into your baseq3 directory, and type "map ruutq3dm6" at the console. - Construction - Base : From scratch Editor(s) used : Q3Radiant Known Bugs : None that I know of but there still could be, if so let me know. Build Time : A week or so total, on and off. Textures used : Don't remember, I think it is the Ricky Martin Sexy Salsa texture set....not:) Gothic! Compile machine : P3/450 @ 602mhz with 196megs 133FSB running Windows 98' 2nd Edition:The $90 bug fix q3map BSP Time : a few seconds q3map Vis Time : 15 minutes q3map Light Time : 2.5 hours bspc Time : 10 minutes Brushes : 1216 Entities : 193 - Copyright / Permissions - Ruutq3dm5 is (c) 2000 G.C. All rights reserved. You should not include or distribute this map pak in any sort of commercial product without permission from the author G.C. You may not mass distribute this level pak via any non-electronic means, including but not limited to compact disks, and floppy disks.
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