The Bad Place
January 4th, 2000 ZeroSecond

Title : The Bad Place

Filename(s) : zq3dm4.bsp (mapfile)
zq3dm4.aao (botdata)
zq3dm4.jpg (levelshot)

Author : ZeroSecond

Email Address : **email removed**

Description : Conversion from Quake of "The bad place" (dm4)
One of the best deathmatch map for Quake.

Credits to : ID-Software for Quake I :)

Greets to : Ka0S, Taz, Hell, Psy, Tetsuo.



Copy this *.pk3 file to your baseq3 folder, start a game, drop
to the console and type "/map phlxydm1". Also Set sv_pure to "0"


Base : Conversion of a Quake map

Editor used : Q3Radiant

Compile machine : PII 450Mhz, 256MB RAM

-=Copyright / Permissions=-

You may distribute these files freely.

-=Bug Reports / Suggestions=-

Please send them to: **email removed**