Lucifer's Playground
MAP: Lucifer's Playground (Lucifer's Playground - By Mr.LyCon) [for Q3 / TA / Threewave]

Title: Lucifer's Playground
Filenames: q3mrlctf2.pk3, q3mrlctf2.txt
Author: Chris "Mr.LyCon" B. Jensen
Created: 2003-2004
E-Mail: **email removed**

Previous Levels: Way Too Many!

General information:
First Release.

This is my last Quake III Arena map, it's time to move on. tho I have tried to
make this map as good as it gets, it could probably be better. This map took me about 8 months
to complete, working on and off as I got tierd of it while working :)
I have always liked to map for quake3, I will really miss it!
I hope maybe sometime later I get the time to do another map, but as it looks this is my last
official Quake III Arena map.
As for this map, its a huge cavern map, it's made with the style I invented for my map Lucifer's Hideout map (q3mrldm2), I always liked that map style and have always wanted to make a map with that style again.
This map is made for the red base to look good, since this design doesnt really fit the blue colors.
so the blue base doesn't look particulary good, but I think it play's pretty nice.

..And yeah.. i have to mention that the stairway near both bases are inspired by Scancodes q3w5 I think it was.
I have always liked that map and played it alot, so when I came to that part of the map it
felt so natural to use that stair design since it fits the map so well at that place.
But the rest of the map is nothing like q3w5.

tourney : no
deathmatch : no
Player Respawn Points : 32
Bot support (aas) : yes
new graphics : yes
new sounds : yes
new music : no
new models : yes (all new models are made by me)


Free For All : NO
Team Deathmatch : No
Tournament : NO
Capture The Flag : YES


One Flag CTF : YES
Overload : YES
Harvester : YES

Additional Credits:

Special Thanks to:
QkennyQ for the baph ctf model

Beta Testers: Chris, Espi, Sir-Taz
Thanks also to: is there anyone out there who deserve anything here? no!


Install Instructions:

Unzip q3mrlctf2.ZIP and place q3mrlctf2.PK3 into your
Quake3/baseq3/ directory.
play the level and have fun :)


Base: New level from scratch.
Editor Used: Q3Radiant 202 (NOT GTK)
Time: aprox 8 months

Compile Machine: Dual IntelP4 3.4GHz with 4GB RAM

Copyright (c) and Permissions:

Authors MAY NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels.

You MUST NOT distribute this level UNLESS you INCLUDE THIS FILE WITH

This level may be distributed ONLY over the Internet and/or BBS systems.
You are NOT authorised to put this level on any CD or distribute
it in any way without Chris B. Jensens permission.
(c) Copyright 2004 Chris "Mr.LyCon" B. Jensen. All Rights Reserved