DEMONHOUSE - Quake 3 Arena map -
TITLE: DEMONHOUSE - by JonnYReds - Author: Rino --- Franciacorta --- Italy
email: **email removed** -

EDITOR USED: Q3Radiant_200, Paint shop pro, Editpad, Pakscape


GAME TYPE: ffa_tourney_team

FILENAME: demonhouse.pk3


WEAPONS AND POWER-UP: Plasmagun - Rocketlauncher - Railgun Shotgun - Lightning
Body Armor - Combat Armor - Quad Damage - Invisibility - Megahealth
Bots: Uriel - Visor - Hunter

Is a mansion enough large and mysterious, pervaded by the spirit of the Demon imprisoned
within the walls. A small garden outdoor with a pool and Teleport. The upper floor with a
large room with big staircase to access at Rocketlauncher. There's a library with a secret.
A room on the lower floor, with red carpets on the stairs Is hall of the Demon! there are
creaking doors, a platform that leads to Railgun. There are new shaders and textures
decorative like the bas-reliefs on walls. Some Jump_Pads with new shaders.
"Demonhouse" is one of my favorite maps.

Unpack the file, you will find a PK3 file, put it in baseq3 directory.
to start game go to the skirmish menu maps, choose the map.
Have Fun!
La Demonhouse, una sorta di palazzo in stile "simil macabro" nel quale aleggia il malvagio
Demone. Nuovi shaders e textures in tema, passaggi in mura sbrecciate, zona superiore
con ampio salone e accesso biblioteca e maestosa gradinata di accesso al Rocketlauncher.
Una zona inferiore dove spicca la sala del Demon, con scalinate e tappeti rossi e annesso
portale scricchiolante e dove pervade una certa atmosfera. Un Jump_Pad porta all'atrio del
salone superiore, e un' elevatore destinazione Railgun.
C'e una piccola zona esterna con un laghetto e Teleport.
This map and artwork are my personal works, realized for fun and passion,
and are available for free for players that love this great Classic game Quake 3 Arena!
Only on required written I can consent you to make modifications to my maps.
You are not allowed to commercially exploit this maps and mods for profit in any way,
including on a cd rom or any other medium that. You may distribute this through Internet,
provided you include the .txt file included in each my map, leave the archive intact, and
do not charge a fee for access to this files.

Quake III Arena 1999 Id Software,
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