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*** This maps is designed for FFA, Quake 3 ARENA***

Title : Acidburn
File name : "Acidburn"
Author : PlayerName : Scorn/or/Unknown (real name : Samuel De Cruz)
Email Address : **email removed**
Description : FFA
* Play Information *

Single Player : Yes
Cooperative : Yes
Deathmatch : Yes
Bots : Yes
* Construction *

Editor(s) used : GTK 1.6
New Textures : Yes
New Model(s) : No
New Sounds : No
New Music: : No
Known Bugs : Hope nahhh
Build Time : Bout 8 hours

This map was built with a mixing of industrial and chemical storage design, and placing all of this into underground environment.
The player is submerged by rust and darkness, strange sounds, and he also has to perform good combat skills if he wants to stay alive...
The more you move around in this map, you will have to make a choice : do you prefer to stay on the high structur and using grenades to kills every challengers ?
or do you prefer to hide on the dirty ground, and use the lightning gun to kill every one ?

Oh...I forgot : be aware that there is a security system upon the quad damage... You'he been warned...

I am a futurist artist, you can see all my 3D work (100% free, no ads) here :
(robots,mutants,bases, spacecrafts,vehicular...)


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