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Sunset Isle
Sunset Isle by Scourge ============================= Name: Sunset Isle Bsp name: casablanca Bot support: yes Mapper: Viet Nguyen (Scourge) Email: **email removed** ============================= Description: This was intended to be a tropical/middle eastern themed map. I was kinda inspired by the "Casa Blanca" seen in the game: Dreamfall: the longest journey and i got started from there. Since i couldn't really find time mapping nowadays (although i've only been mapping for 2 years, but played Quake since '00) I've decided not to make custom textures/ models but to use premade ones on the net. Supported gametype: ffa, tourney, team dm(you have to access via console) ============================= Installation: Just ut the map-casablanca.pk3 into your Quake 3 dir/baseq3 ============================= Thanks to Mr Todd Gantzler for the pretty plant models (this map couldn't be made without it) found at www.katsbits..../maps/kat1024.htm Berneyboy for the cool photorealistic texs found at berneyboy.pla....com/textures.htm Amethyst7 for the DESERt skybox found at amethyst7.gotdoofed.com/env.htm ENJOY AND POST YOUR COMMENTS!!
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