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----------------------------------------------------------------- How to install and play ----------------------------------------------------------------- 1) Unpack the contents of quake106.zip to a temp folder 2) Run the 'install.bat' (may be just 'install' on some systems) (You can not delete the contents of the temp folder) 3) The install looks weird and old. You just press 'C' and enter. 4) Unpack the contents of wq100.zip to 'C:\QUAKE_SW' (where you just installed the main files to) 5) Click on 'Winquake.exe' or 'Winquake'. If you click on 'Quake' there is very good chance nothing will happen. 6) It should 'just work'. 7) One option you will have to type at the console is +mlook a) Press ~ to get the console down b) Type +mlook (and hit enter) c) Press ESC. This will enable 'mouse look'. 8) A good idea is to select a high video setting and some new key settings. There is no mouse support in the menu system, so use the arrow keys, 'Enter' and 'ESC'. ----------------------------------------------------------------- ..::LvL - http://lvlworld.com/ -----------------------------------------------------------------
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