release date: 9th of Aug 2005.
Quake3Arena DM/Tourney level.

title: hellrazor
file: hellrazor.pk3
author: ROODOG
email address: **email removed**
URL: www.arach.net.au/~.../quake3maps.htm
description: Medium to large DM map.

play information
deathmatch: Medium/Large DM 6 human or 9 bots
Tourney: Yes but more suited for ffa
team deathmatch: no
CTF: no
Bot File (aas): yes
other: no
new sounds: no
custom textures: yes
new music: no

how to play: place hellrazor.pk3 in your /baseq3/ folder
start quake3arena and pick from maps or
hit ~
type \map hellrazor
once the map loads use q3 menu to add bots
just hit esc and your q3 menu will show up.
info:This map came to me as i was playing a game called will rock.I was admiring a bridge with arches that crossed a flowing river and it is then that i had the urge to see if i could create a bridge with double arches as i thought it looked cool.Well i made the bridge and was pleased with the outcome and so began the birth of hellrazor.As not many quake 3 ffa maps have water i thought a few water tunnels were in order. The bots can handle the water sections reasonably well and will fire their weapons under water.I have put 4 ramps in for a bit of flying fun.The ramps that give you the rail intersect so if you jump as someone jumps from the opposite side you have the added danger of both colliding midair and either falling to a firey death or landing in a pool of life giving waters.Initially there was to be only 1 ramp to the rail but things changed.As i was testing the map with my fellow West Australian m8 Freak he commented that if the area near the bridge was a bit higher he could rocket jump to get the rail for a bit of fun.I took his suggestion on board and decided another ramp with an element of danger would be even better and so the second rail ramp was born.Thanks Freak for all the testing and feedback!Also on feedback from slade and caz the quad was put where i intended to have the bfg and that was a great suggestion and adds to the gameplay.The bfg has been dropped as to keep from over balancing the flow.There are many spots with vertical fighting to keep things fun and in all i am quite pleased with the outcome.Well that is enough bullshit from me so i'll catch ya on the Australian servers where i frag as ROODOG.Have fun and cya


base: none
editor: Gtk Radiant 1.40
other progs: Quake3 toolkit
All ToolKit programming was done by Jerry 'Eraser' Laman
Random Team Generator by Remco 'SithLord' Mooijweer.
Additional Programming by Rick 'r3tina' Laman
Quake Toolkit was made using Borland Delphi 4/5.
know bugs: none known
build time: Shit oooh mmm maybe three weeks

Thanks to
Daniel "smeg" Vogt(Another Australian) for the cool lava model called punishment as it rocks m8!He also made the cool model arcnemesis which stands guard at the lava pool.Bloody great work m8 and thanks for sharing.
Oak for the very cool Xaero statue,great job m8!
Id for visor and major statues..need i say more!
ydnar(www.shaderlab.com/) for Q3Map2 you got the talent m8!
Radiant for the best people friendly editor you guys rock!
Freak,slade,caz & Sarge for the beta testing...much appreciated feedback..on ya!

Distribution / Copyright / Permissions
Please respect the work i put into my map
and don't modify in any way.
Quake III Arena is a registered trademark of
id Software, Inc.

This level may be electronically distributed only at
NO CHARGE to the recipient in its current state, MUST
include this .txt file, and may NOT be modified IN