shaman&dragon (remix)
by acid
acid3dm3r - shaman&dragon (remix)

Title : shaman&dragon (remix)
Date : 9-10-2003
Filename : map-acid3dm3r.pk3
Author : [acid]
Email Address : **email removed**
Website :
Description : cpma suited tdm/ffa map
Additional Credits to : id software, shaderlab, Justin Fisher, wviperw, verkopft, agnt, newborn for the cpm logo and all i forgot


- Play Information -

Players : 4
Bots : yes
Weapons : 2 shotguns, 2 rocket launchers, grenade launcher, shaft


unzip the the zip file into your quake3\baseq3 directory.
start quake3 and either select it from your map list or press tilde to enter the console and type:
"/map acid3dm3r" for tdm/ffa
press enter

- Construction -

Base : none
Editor(s) used : q3Radiant202
Known Bugs : the water tex mixes up with the floor texture when looking
: down from mega health
Build Time : 1 day for remixing
Textures used : id textures, shaderlab urban texture set, skybox by Justin Fisher, tely texture by decker, cpm logo by newborn
Models used : none
Compile machine : tbird 1.4 with 512 megs ddr-ram
q3map compile Time : the time it takes to make a cup of tea
Brushes : 1669, 4 curves

- Copyright / Permissions -
You may not include or distribute this map in/with any sort of commercial product without
permission from the author. You may not mass distribute this level via any
non-electronic means, including but not limited to compact disks, and floppy disks
without permission from the author.