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Empty words
================================================================ Title : Empty words Pak name : q3shw17 Autor : ShadoW (Poland) contact : **email removed** **email removed** **email removed** ================================================================ * info * Single Player : no Tournament : yes!! Deathmatch : yes Team : no Ctf : no ================================================================ * Construction * Programs :GtkRadiant-1.2.9, Pakscape, PowerArchiwer,Picture Publisher 7, Notpad, Q3map2 , IrfanView Build time : about 3 months Based on : none Brushes : 1294 Entities : 312 new textures : yes new sounds : no new models : no Tools :) : RL x 1 YA x 2 SG x 1 RA x 1 LG x 1 RG x 1 GL x 1 ================================================================ * How run it * Place q3shw16.pk3 in your quake3/baseq3 directory. In game go to console and type 'map q3shw17' ================================================================ * My other maps * QuakeIII : 1) q3shw1:Ten pierwszy raz (This first time) 2) q3shw2:Za wolno frajerze... (Too slow sucker) 3) q3shw3:Frag-ment (Frag-ment) 4) q3shw4:Katedra (Cathedral) 5) q3shw5:Dom (House) 6) q3shw6:Szkoła (School) 7) q3shw7:Wysokie napięcie (High voltage) 8) q3shw8:Gdy nie ma nadziei (When ther's no hope) 9) q3shw9:Bez wyjścia (No escape) 10) q3shw10:Czarna wieża (Black tower) 11) q3shw11:Orientuj się (Be knowledgeable) 12) q3shw12:Pora umierać (Time to die) 13) q3shw13:Miasto (City) 14) q3shw14:Memento Mori (Memento Mori) 15) q3shw15:Wysokie napięcie II (High voltage II) 16) q3shw16:Dotyk śmierci (Touch of the death) xx) shw_100b:100 brushes xx) shw_q3dm17:Q3dm17 conversion by ShadoW You can download some of this map from: www.q3arena.gry.wp.pl www.q3arena.prv.pl ================================================================ * BiG Thx for: * - Id software - for Q. - Charon (www.interactivedeath.net/) for some great textures - Rorshach (www.3dpalette.com/~rorshach) for some great textures - Ydnar (shaderlab.com) for qmap2 ================================================================ And once again 1v1 CPMA map :P. Just like last time. Only now, map is a bit bigger. I'm hope that movement is really good, and player can be really fast. Map title is taken from song of one of the best death metal band ever. Those who are interesting, nows who it is. It is my tribute to this amazing band, and his lidership. ShadoW
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