Title : iFrag
Description : Tech/Base, small sized Deathmatch
Filename : cyhaz3dm3.pk3
Author : cyberhazard
Email Address : **email removed**

Locate iFrag in the Q3A skirmish menu and go.

Play Information:
Settings : Deathmatch
Players : 4 to 8 in FFA
Bot Support : Most bots are supported

Computer : PowerMac 2002 QuickSilver
Processer : Dual 1Ghz G4
Memory : 1.5 Ghz.
Graphics : nVIDIA GeForce 4 Ti4600
OS : OS X 10.2.2 Jaugar

Brushes : 3023
Entities : 61
Build Time : Approx. 70hrs.
Compile Time : 1.5 hr,full-vis light-extra
Editor used : Q3Radiant v202
Oher applications : Q3Build 1.4, Photoshop 7
Known Bugs : nada

Other Info:
Created on the Macintosh platform using Virtual PC 5.0.4 running Windows 2000 Professional.
Megahealth room recreated from Q3dm0 shotgun room brush by brush.
Railgun room partially recreated from Q3dm0 porthole room brush by brush.

Other Q3A Maps:
Acacias Crimson Laboratorie, Deep Space 1

Thanks to the Quake3World Macintosh Discussion Forums and my Mac beta testers,
akamarko, Medic, Z3RO, and Zapchud. You guys rock...
Thanks Apple Computer, without my Mac this would be no fun at all.

Feel free to distribute this file in any form, incl. on CD media, as long as proper
credit is given and this text file has not been edited in any way. For feedback or
comments send email to: **email removed**