Release date: 24/10/2002
Title : Untouchable
Filename : Mw3tourney2.pk3
Author : MaGiC-WaLKeR
Email Address : **email removed**
Home Page : www.henslfuk.nl/magic/
Description : Untouchable is a small duel map inspired by the koRn cd
untouchables.The textures used even look pretty good with a
downgraded quake (vertex mode and stuff) cause i know most
players use it (even i use it =] )
Thanks to : -ID - for the sweet'est game ever (www.idsoftware.com)
-Evil Lair - for his great dsi texture's (www.planetquake.com/hfx/)
-Corsair - He can allways help me out 0.o (www.quake3stuff.com/corsair/)

// Play Information //

Game : Quake 3: Arena
Gametype : Quake3 Tourney/FFA

// Construction //

Base : New level from scratch
Editor(s) used : Q3radiant build 202
Other Tools : Winamp ;)

Known Bugs : none
Build Time : a few days

Compile machine : Intel pentium3 933 with 256MB RAM
Compile Time : dunno :)
Brushcount : 2337
Entitycount : 57

// Map Items //

1x Lightningun
1x Plasmagun
1x Railgun
1x Rocketlauncher
2x Shotgun

2x Lightningun ammo
2x Railgun ammo
3x Rocketlauncher ammo
2x Shotgun ammo

1x Body armor
1x Combat armor
6x Armor shard

1x Megahealth
3x Health Large
3x Health

// How to use this level //
Unzip Mw3Tourney2.pk3 into your baseq3\ directory
If you wish to view this map type the following in your quake3 console:
/map Mw3Tourney2 or /devmap Mw3Tourney2 (cheats enabled)

// Copyright / Permissions //

- Authors may NOT change this level or use it as a base for their own levels.
- This map may be distributed in anyway you like, provided you include this
.txt files UNMODIFIED and distribute it without any sort of costs..
- CD-ROM publishers and other commercial people need my written permission before
they can distribute this level.
- All costum textures, sounds and mapobjects in this map remain property of their respective