The Digital Arena
Title : The Digital Arena
Date : 4/12/00
Filename : digital.pk3
Author : Robert Martinez
Email Address : **email removed**
Description : 2-4 player for FFA+Tourney
(my first Q3 map)
Additional Credits to : -All members of the FACTION-Clan
& visitors of the FACTION-Lan
for some Betatesting
-special thanks to Stefan Brink for tips
where to place the items ;)
-Id Software for the BEST engine+editor
I've ever seen
Place the digital.pk3 in your /quake3/baseq3 directory.
= Where to get this level =
= =
= or at =

- Play Information -

Players : intended for 2-4 players
supports FreeForAll and Tourney play.
Bots : of course
Weapons : shot gun,rail gun,plasma gun,lightning gun,
rocket launcher,grenade launcher
Armor : (1)combat,(1)body,(11)shrads
Ammo : (1)cells,(2)grenades,(3lightning)
Health : (1)medium,(2)large,(9)small,(1)mega
Items : (1)regen
Startpositions : 12

- Construction -

Base : (new shader+textures)
Editor(s) used : Q3Radiant
Known Bugs : you get stuck while straving
down to the regen and touching a wall!
(general bug I guess, if the ceiling
is about 64 units high and you strave
in there wile touching
a wall it happens...)
please contact me if you know how
to fix that one!
Build Time : you don't want to know this...
Textures Used : 0 Base textures, 4 custom *g*
Compile Machine : P2-333 196RAM/Win98
Compile Time : 3 minutes
q3map BSP Time : 3 seconds
q3map Vis Time : 83 seconds
q3map Light Time : 70 seconds
bspc Time : 23 seconds
Brushes :297
Entities : 77

...please let me know your opinion about my level

- Copyright / Permissions -

This level is (c) 2000 Robert Martinez.
You are not allowed to include or distribute this map in any sort of commercial
product without permission from the author. You may also ask the author before
distributing this level via any non-electronic means, including but not limited
to compact disks and floppy disks.