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Grim Shores 3 ~ Atlantis
Grim Shores 3 ~ Atlantis By: Sir Fragalot Date: 1st. September 2001 Q3A CTF Bot support included ~ recommended 4-5 players/team. Shark, Anubis and monster models by: Todd Gantzler (Anubis model from: egypt.pk3 - .md3, texture, and shader files by Todd Gantzler Copyright (c) 2001 http://i.am/professorQ3) Teleporter model by: Mr. Clean Shark shader by: Fatmanfat. Additional textures by: Mr. Clean and Rorschach Skybox from the wadfather. Custom sounds, textures and shaders by Sir Fragalot. Thanks to the AARDVARK regulars for beta-testing and quake3world.com level editors for additional comments. Sir Fragalot. **email removed** http://www.music.salford.ac.uk/quake
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