"Dreadnought" a is a VQ3A OR TA map for 8 or more players,
playable ina bot VQ3 AND TA modes.

Ovtober 2, 2001 (Full Moon)

This is a large terrain map, a bit smaller than "huge",
by me, to be played in either vanilla Quake3 or Team Arena.

This map was made for the terrain competition run by snickelfritz
on the Q3World level editing board origninally. I thought that build
would be the final, but after QCon2K1, learned that it wasn't to be.

Special thanks to snickelfritz for running the terrain competition in
the first place, and for that inspiration to make this terrain map, also for
the Photoshop tricks to help me make the textures. Also, thank you,
again to Casey for setting me staright about the skypparms and cloud

Thanks to Paul Jaquays and id software for the "Trash My Map" seminar.

Thanks Sir Fragalo and TWJ, DJ Bob, and shallow for the play and feedback. Sorry, it
didn't all make it in, or was possible

And lastly thanks to the Quake communtity for making this map
possible, and for yopur help, and to the joy of making it. Extra special thanks
to the map editing community of rust.gamedesign.net, Q3World, and id.

All older betas of this map should be deleted to free system resources.
Please do not distribute, this map or any of my beta maps for
commercial purposes without my consent.