Dreadnought by keditok
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2322
#4   17 Jul 2011
..::LvL needs more terrain maps in my opinion. Thank god this map is here. 9.5!!

Not much to look at.

Meatboy Dogfood, what do you know?!
Edited: 17 Jul 2011 AEST

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Anonymous Cowherd unregistered
#3   31 Jul 2008
The major issue as near as I can tell, aside from base layout (at least two more open routes would be better than one out of three), is that the lighting is pretty uniform and flat outdoors. A q3map2 sky shader with a low skylight and fairly strong, not-high-noon-positioned sun would have done this one justice.
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Octovus unregistered
#2   12 Feb 2002
Well, that's silly. Thanks for pointing it out as now I'll download it!
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Shallow[BAP] unregistered
#1   10 Feb 2002
Note that this map is playable in vanilla Q3 CTF as well as with Team Arena, which isn't clear in the review.
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