NBDM5 - Ouange - Grostarin DM4
NBDM5 - Ouange - Grostarin DM4 by Grostarin
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Grostarin unregistered
#15   11 Feb 2002
Charlie, ure my god :o)
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charlie unregistered
#14   10 Feb 2002
well done grostarin !!

i think it's the greatest map

i never see, of all the time of the world and in the galaxy!!

GG man !! c u

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The Hubster unregistered
#13   10 Feb 2002

Dunna what yer talkin bout mate:P

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elendeNATTER! unregistered
#12   10 Feb 2002
yes.. this one again focusses on gameplay and is Fun to play..

though it could look better and have more "atmosphere"... doesn't i.e -> "dismemberment" have a lot more atmosphere than this map and look great ?

meanwhile these Hardcore Mappers seem almost not look on this qualities too..

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ViRux unregistered
#11   09 Feb 2002
GG Grostarin its a great map for cpmA Good job !

continue to make other map

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Grostarin unregistered
#10   09 Feb 2002
10 for me ;o)

Thx to choose my map, cuz it may motivate me to finish the next one (Hayou ! maybe :o)

thx also to guys who play it and enjoy it :o) that's the better thing when you make maps : see that someone like it

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Reservoir DoG unregistered
#9   08 Feb 2002
Yep, using only the steps is what I meant. :) You can also just double off the trim from the floor too, IIRC.
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Shib unregistered
#8   08 Feb 2002

I meant getting to mega using only steps not....steps to side trim to mega:p

Thats not hard,I do that from standstill,I was wondering if some one had just boosted on to steps at around 650 ups and landed on mega:o

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Reservoir DoG unregistered
#7   07 Feb 2002
Shib you momo... even I can manage that jump. :)
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Octovus unregistered
#6   07 Feb 2002
It is a default model eh shib? (I know you didn't really mean the tele comment as bad, but its in some ID maps as I'm sure you and everyone else reading this knew). Where was I? Upon first entering the level I was pretty impressed; there were tons of nice tricks to be done even in vq3, suggesting all but limitless possibilities in CPMA (there were two obvious ones that could only be accomplished with rockets in vq3). Looks are average for this sort of map, with the classic Quake (as in the normal adjective classic used to describe the teleporters, not the Quake game they came from, so as to avoid any silly "It's just called Quake!" replies) teleporters and un-polished gothic look.

Unpolished isn't an insult there, just these mappers focus more on play than looks. The bots were rather retarded, making use of scarce any vertical connectivity. The MH seemed a bit funny; why have a place to walk right up next to it down below? Felt like there should be a big red X there as a part of tutorials on rocket jumping. The tele bouncepad lets you go through it from below and bounce as normal, a nice touch for fancy escapes. All weapons get used fairly well though the RG might be underpowered. There is little reason to spend time near the lava when the YA is not spawned/ing, and it takes up a fair chunk of ground space.

So it was perfectly good, but the bots were sort of moronic...there were lots of nice jumps...it looked ok...the walls all felt really thing...in my mind, it works out to a 7.


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Shib unregistered
#5   07 Feb 2002
Nice map here by gos,unique layout and ideas,found it a bit odd at timestho,the teleporter bounce pad is hard to see in picmip 8:p

Still havent learnt the map tho but seems to be nice:)

Has anyone made the steps to mega?

8 from me:)

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wviperw unregistered
#4   07 Feb 2002
hey hey, nice review rdog. And nice map too. I remember helping beta test this one in the LVL beta area a LONG time ago. If the item placement would have been tweaked on this map, then IMO this would be a VERY good map as far as gameplay goes. Its good now, just needs better item placement, and maybe a few other things.
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The Hubster unregistered
#3   07 Feb 2002
About bloody time that a proper review was done around here. I've had enough of these brainless n00bs doing it!

Good job rdog

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SweepeR unregistered
#2   07 Feb 2002
Well, finally good review of CPMA map...
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xfoo unregistered
#1   07 Feb 2002
Not really talking about the map here, but DAMN it seems as if ..::LvL might have a proper review up!

(said in jest, so cool it =P)

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