NBDM5 - Ouange - Grostarin DM4
11/09/2001 01:26 PM


Title : NBDM5 - Ouange - Grostarin DM4
MapFilename : q3nbdm5.bsp

Author : Grostarin
Email Address : **email removed**

Map Type : Tourney (and DM if u want) for CPM (Challenge ProMode www.promode.org)
Map description : CPM PAWA - u must use 5 sec. weapon respawn or weapon stay (weaponrespawn 0) to enjoy this map :o)

Thanks to : Id software (particulary J.C. for his perfect code)
Special Thanks : Me :o)
my friends for the time passed with me...
my father who help me every day.

Hubster who make very good maps and uses good things (sound, textures).
I used some textures and some sounds from his maps for this map

Very Special Thanks : NB guys who help me during the beta test and who love Gwendoline as i love it !
Holo who gave me a good idee
all testers who bring me back to reality


***** Construction *****

Base : no
New Textures : yes
New shaders : yes
New sounds : yes
Editor used : gtkradiant
Known Bugs : none

Build Time : 69! s ;o)
Compile machine : AMD Athlon 900 / 128 RAM
Compile Times : many


***** Usage *****

1. move q3nbdm5.pk3 to your baseq3 directory
2. run Q3A and at the console type "/map q3nbdm5" or go to the menu


***** Copyright / Permissions *****

Quake III Arena is a registered trademark of id Software, Inc.

You may distribute this map FREELY via internet, provided you include this .TXT file and leave the archive intact with no modifications. If you would like to use this map in any other way, please contact me via e-mail. If you let me know and give me a credit, I'll probably give you the permission to use it.

**email removed**