Castle CTF
by Geit
Release date: 5/6/2001
Title : Castle CTF
Filename : geit3ctf1.pk3/
Author : Geit
Email Address : **email removed**
Uin : 8540475
Home Page :
Description : Castle CTF is a medium-sized ctf map for 5on5 matches.
The map is set in a natural, grassy enviroment with two opposing castles.
The midfield is large and open (high r_speeds unfortunately :(=-), though you can get past
your enemies unnoticed by uses one of the two high passes, with a regenerator in a small
outpost on a hill in the center.
The base essentially has three exits/entrances. One of the high passes leads into a courtyard
with a rocket launcher where you can either go into the base or to the outer yard where you'll
find the ra, one exit that goes to the lower midfield and another exit that leads to the powerup
and another high pass. Every base has it's own powerup, which respawns every 2 minutes. It can
either spawn as a regen or as a haste.
The base itself, the castle, has two entrances, which leads to a series of corridors. The flagroom
has three entrances. Two high ones and a low one.

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Thanks to : ID - for q3 and the required tools
Sock - for his great texturepack (

Additional thanks : Outs
(people who gave me VeRTeX
feedback and Adam
motivation to continue Eleazer
working on this map) Nakedape
Sir Fubar
Blue Calx
And everybody in #q3ctf

Credits : Medieval texture set by Sock (One of the best texture sets I have ever seen for q3)

Waterfall shader by rungy

Metal texture by Evil Lair

Grass texture by Lloyd M.

Skybox texture by Justin Fisher

Plant models by Todd Gantzler (Great models)
(**email removed**)

I can't remember where I got the sounds from, probably from some soundsite somewhere


* Play Information *

Game : Quake 3: Arena
Gametype : Quake3 CTF

* Construction *

Base : New level from scratch
Editor(s) used : Q3radiant build 202
Other Tools : Q3build frontend, Adobe Photoshop 5.5

Known Bugs : r_speeds are a bit high in the midfield (not really a bug though)
Build Time : not sure

Compile machine : duron 850 with 256MB RAM
Compile Time : a few hours

Brushcount : 3281
Entitycount : 450

If you liked it mail me
If you hated it tell me how to maker a better one

* How to use this level *
Unzip geit3ctf1.pk3 into your baseq3\ directory
If you wish to view this map type the following in your quake3 console:
/map geit3ctf1

* Where to get this map *
If you are reading this I presume you already have this map or are about to download
it.. But anyway.. You can get this map at the following adress:

* Copyright / Permissions *

- Authors may NOT change this level or use it as a base for their own levels.
- This map may be distributed in anyway you like, provided you include this
.txt files UNMODIFIED and distribute it without any sort of costs..
- CD-ROM publishers and other commercial people need my written permission before
they can distribute this level.
- All costum textures, sounds and mapobjects in this map are property of their respective