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The Potato
Date : June / 12 / 2001 VERSION NUMBER : version 1.0 =================================================== Title : The Potato Filenames : Match04.bsp Author : Russell Meakim Jr Aka Castle Email Address : **email removed** =================================================== System Requirements: Medium system requirements needed to play this map at full speed. Its not a standard match map because the detail and quality is much higher. =================================================== Description : The potato is a first attempt at doing a level utilizing all the new techniques I have learned from the last 10 maps I have released for quake 3. This level also is a preview of the style of levels I'm doing for my next 10-map pack. This level fuses two game types that you might never had thought would mix at all. Tourney and CTF in one level! I have come to believe that it is possible to design levels with both game play modes in mind and have them compliment each other at the same time! This discovery was an accident however when I simply made a semi symmetrical level aimed at tourney play. This was pointed out to me by Wattimus and Eeatha, two fellow mappers of the quake 3 world forums. =================================================== Additional Credits to : Spog, Djbob, Wattimus, Eeatha ALl these people helped me with this level with advice and yelling. =) Beth Kat of Artemis software who designed the marble textures I used for the twisted pillers! Beth you Rock with the mad skillz0rs! hehe thanks allot all of you. =) I think thats every one. If you did help me on this map and your not listed or you would rather not be known. As you can see I did my best to list every one and everything that helped me with this map so far. =================================================== * Play Information * Players : 1 vs 1, 8 CTF, 4 FFA New music : no New Graphics : Artemis Marble textures * Construction * Base : From scratch Compile times: : less than 30 minutes Build time so far : started May 16nth Editor used : GTKR Installation and play : Unzip these (this) file(s) into BASEQ3. =================================================== * Copyright / Permissions * If you plan to do ANYTHING with this map I want you to tell me about it and ask me if it is ok. I may even help you with a newer version if you ask nice enough. =)
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