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August, 2015 ======== MAP INFO ======== Title: Trespass Filename: trespass.pk3 Gametype: Duel, FFA Theme: Abandoned factory Capacity: 2-5 players Bot Support: Yes Author: Pat Howard Email: **email removed** ========== BACKGROUND ========== STORY: Trespass is set in an old ammonia Factory in Germany that was abandoned after WW2. The place deteriorated in peace for many years until one day when Sarge and Keel rediscovered it on a weekend urban exploration trip. They transformed it into an illegal dueling arena which is now notorious for attracting the shadiest, most degenerate Quake duelers and aggressive play. Be advised: trespassers will be shot on sight! GAMEPLAY: I got a flash of inspiration to make this layout after watching Quantic Dream's short film "Kara". The map was actually codenamed "Kara" during the alpha testing phase. Gameplay-wise, I was thinking about Lost World, Toxicity, and Blood Run, in that order for inspiration. My goals were to improve on making interesting connections between 3-4 rooms and to create trick jumps by making lots of small changes in elevation. I also tried to incorporate more cover than in my previous maps. This map is primarily designed for duel mode, but FFA has an alternative item layout and works well with three or four players. ART: I was inspired to do an abandoned factory theme after seeing Helder Pinto's amazing "Post Apocalyptic" UDK scene. I realized the the theme could work really well for a Q3A level because the detail wouldn't interfere with player movement. I spent a lot of time on www.dubtown.de checking out abandoned factories in Germany from the WW2 era. I fell in love with an album of an old ammonia factory (http://www.dubtown.d...fabrik_safea.html) and that served as the main concept art for the map. The central pillar by the RA is modeled after an old high-pressure ammonia reactor. I'd like to give special thanks to the awesome artists who contributed assets to this map. Without them, this map would never have been made. First and foremost I have to mention Hipshot (www.zfight.com) who created all the trees and FX for this map, as well as the sky. I am also borrowing most of the textures from his map Rustgrad. Sock (www.simonoc.com) created all the plants and the seams/shapes that I applied to many of the metal textures. Some of the metal textures are by Phantazm11 (www.phantazm11.com) from his map Solarium. I've also used decals by Tabun (www.tabun.nl)) I made the rest of the textures using photo sources (www.cgtextures.com)) Note that I have heavily edited a lot of the assets I borrowed from other artists. ================ CREDITS & THANKS ================ TEXTURES/MODELS: Hipshot (Rustgrad, Crescent, Industrial, Miramar Sky) - www.zfight.com Sock (Plant texture/model set, industrial texture set) - www.simonoc.com Phantazm11 (Solarium) - www.phantazm11.com Tabun (decals) - www.tabun.nl Pat Howard (the rest) via CGTextures - www.cgtextures.com SOUND: Birds - reinsamba bird_robin1 bird_robin2 https://www.freesoun...mba/sounds/32479/ Mings bird_tui1 https://www.freesoun...gs/sounds/181574/ Goran bird_crossbill1 https://www.freesoun...09/sounds/240249/ IFartInUrGeneralDirection bird_wren1 https://www.freesoun...ion/sounds/70226/ Cajo bird_cajo1 https://www.freesoun...ajo/sounds/34207/ klankbeeld bird_woodpecker1 https://www.freesoun...ld/sounds/182541/ Frogs - madbob69 https://www.freesoun...69/sounds/265107/ Jungle loops - Sock http://simonoc.com/p...design/mp/pom.htm Crickets - dobroide https://www.freesoun...ide/sounds/18679/ Bees - digifishmusic https://www.freesoun...sic/sounds/59451/ FRIENDS & COMMUNITY: NSW for testing 8 million versions of this map with me www.quake3world.com www.quakelive.com for support and encouragement - you guys rock! ENGINE: id Software ydnar *** DISTRIBUTION / PERMISSIONS This map may only be redistributed with prior consent or submission of the author, Pat Howard. You may not alter the current state of this .pk3 file for public use without my permission. If this map is used as a base or starting point for another, please credit me in your readme. All assets created for this map by me are free for the community to use, but please credit any original authors as I have done in this readme. If you would like to use assets in this map that were not created by me, please check with the other authors for permission. *** Thanks for downloading!
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