Miscellaneous ..::LvL Stuff
Link to ..::LvL

You are more than welcome to link to ..::LvL at any point on the site. We strong discourage direct links to the downloads however. Please link to the download page for the release instead.

You are also more than welcome to use the following official ..::LvL graphic and code:

<a href="https://lvlworld.com/"><img src="https://lvlworld.com/img/lvl-88x31.gif" width="88" height="31" alt="..::LvL" title="..::LvL - Quake 3 Arena Maps" /></a>
RSS / News feed

..::LvL offers a RSS or Web feed of the latest reviews. The direct link to the feed is:

There is also a Feedburner version available for people who perfer the Feedburner features and options.

OSX Dashbaord Widget

For OSX users, there is a Dashboard Widget available. The widget will display a map at random with options to display another map or to get more information about the current one. The widget can be displayed in different sizes too.

..::LvL Dashboard Widget