Zip file metadata

If you are after some data about the downloads on ..::LvL, you are in the right spot.

For most people, this information is pointless. If you are working on a side project, that could be very different.

The data will be formated in JSON.

You will need to construct your own URL to get the data using the following syntax options. You will need to include before the options below.

The order of the request is irrelevant. For example: /ip: is the same as /all/ip:

Using /all with /from or /to is possible. For example: /all/ip: will request all records from the 1st April, 2002.

Only want records between certain dates? Use /from:2002-04-01/to:2003-04-01. That should return the first 100 records from the 1st April, 2002.

If you wanted all the records from 1st April, 2002 to 1st April, 2003 in the above example, as there is more than 100 records for this time frame, you would need to include /limit:XXX or /all/ip:AAA.BBB.CCC.DDD as well.

Sample result for - a release with a single BSP.

{ "tig_gng": { "levelId": "2382", "dateStamp": "2019-04-02", "zip": "tig_gng", "sha256": "a46df9cd48e496d34f207cedbb781ad547916b8ca53167707dcb478c99978082", "includes": [{ "bsp": "tig_gng", "title": "Tig's Ghost 'n Goblins" }] } }

And the following is a sample for - which contains two BSP files.

{ "tabd2map01": { "levelId": "2062", "dateStamp": "2009-09-08", "zip": "tabd2map01", "sha256": "33fa9e570977673eedd9f32a16521afffda1ff6a2af1d8f474465c6f4ebd9313", "includes": [{ "bsp": "tabd2map01", "title": "Return to the Entryway" }, { "bsp": "tabd2map01_pure", "title": "Return to the Entryway (pure)" }] } }

The levelId value is the release id on ..::LvL. The URL for the review for tig_gng from the sample above, would be

Any result with a null for the levelId value means it is still on the map queue and has not been reviewed (or rejected) yet. If you are wanting to check when a review has been added for one of these, you will need to use the /zip:filename request format once a day and check the levelId value.

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