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Biolab-II by semerandum
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 1920
#5   11 Jul 2012
If this map had better lighting, than it would be one of my favorites.

Was great fun. :) 6.5

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FragTastic Rep. 1444
#4   11 Jul 2012
The review literally took words out my mouth and I completely agree with it. Lighting is absolutely terrible and I couldn't even see where I was going. Textures were messed up totally and wasn't brushed properly. I found this map a waste of time and sorry for saying this but it's true. 1.5/10
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Christian unregistered
#3   27 Sep 2007
I like it! After all this years still fun:-)
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Mototoya unregistered
#2   11 Oct 2001
Yes ! This one kicks ass !

Come to the red side of life !

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Z-Optix unregistered
#1   02 Aug 2001
The design is very "basic", indeed, but the lightning is cool !

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