(c)2000 by semerandum

Official anouncement-------------------------------------------------
You may feel free to use this map for whatever you want, but please
keep the pk3-file as it is (donīt change itīs content in any way) and
try to mention my work in any additional files if you put it together
with other ones. Thanx.

Info [general]----------------------------------------------------------------

Type: FFA, with bot-support

I think up to eight players will be fine, however you shoudnīt use
that much bots, īcause they behave like crap....

Info [technical]-----------------------------------------------------

title: Biolab-II
file: biolab2.pk3
author: semerandum
email address: **email removed**

tourney: ?
deathmatch: up to 8 players is fine, but it depend on you
CTF: no
Bot File (aas): yes
other: no
new sounds: no
new graphics: yes, about 3 or 4 new textures
new music: no

known bugs: not really.
some may say, that the teleporter exit
from the teleporter-room into the biozone
may look like crap....
this is, of course due to optical interferrences
caused by the teleporterīs energy field !
Install the map -----------------------------------------------------

Just unzip the pk3-file into your baseq3-folder.
The map will then be available at your map-selection menu.

About ---------------------------------------------------------------

I did this map during my semester-holidays (donīt ask me about the details,
Iīm a student and I wonīt remember anything....;-) ).

Well, I used q3-Radiant for building, q3-Build for compiling and Paint Shop Pro 6 for
the additional textures.

If you have suggestions, or whatever else mail to :

**email removed**