between the conduits
between the conduits by Elmar Steinböck
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Knight Cloud unregistered
#23   25 Jul 2001
I am 14 now ,I am working on the first Quake 4 deathmatch.
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Kamarov unregistered
#22   24 Jul 2001
Well done and solid map. The eye candy was there in certain spots, but lacked overall I thought. Granted with the way the level was set up q3freak had to keep the delicious goodies to a minimum in areas, but he really made good use of details in others. The walls were tall and bland, granted the tallness makes up for that with the whole skyscraper feel. Which I liked.

I enjoyed the couple of floors that you could see the ground beneath. Added another element of depth.

The layout was okay, very horizontal with almost no vertical play except in one or two areas. The items however were laid out well and had a good balance.

Over all, I liked it. I gave it a seven overall.

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Tip Off unregistered
#21   24 Jul 2001
Not bad, but I felt the map was too flat and too rambling. As hth said, not enough vertical play.

The novelty steps are very SP and rather out of place in a DM map.

As for the texturing, we're not all texture artists so we have to use what resources we have at our disposal or regard as most convenient. Besides, custom textures make for chunky dl's.

I would've said the lighting was a little dark.

Ignore Knight Cloud (aka Arabian Knight and who knows how many other nicks). He's just some annoying 13 year old from one of the Gulf states. I think he wants you to pretend that your next map is for Q4 or something like that.

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Featured Ripper unregistered
#20   23 Jul 2001
Kinda' kewl, Catching players in the Red Armour area is like shoot'n fish in a barrel.

Bots get litterally stuck in the stairs and the top of the doorway- just hanging there, like "Elvis on a hook".

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Knight Cloud unregistered
#19   23 Jul 2001
Q3freak make your next map about Quake 4 ,Q4dm4
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q3freak unregistered
#18   23 Jul 2001
Thanks to hth.

If you said, the original Q3 textures are tired...yes, of course, but I like them.

the lighting, hmm... yes could be more.

Vertical action ? - This map is created only for a plain fight with a few stairs and second levels.

But Thanks for your ideas - and your vote!

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hth unregistered
#17   23 Jul 2001
Nice one.

Things I liked:

  • The gimmicks
  • The layout (sort of)
  • Most of the item placement
  • It´s big!

Things I disliked:

  • The texturing (good for what it is but those standard Q3 textures sure are tired)
  • The lighting (too bland)
  • Lack of vertical action in the map (a mortal sin!) :o)

Gave it an 8 (more like 7.5 though).

Knight Cloud: whah?

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Knight Cloud unregistered
#16   23 Jul 2001
I make a map about Quake4.
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q3freak unregistered
#15   23 Jul 2001
Knight Cloud: Sorry, I also did not understand...

Timmy!!!: Thank you !

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Knight Cloud unregistered
#14   22 Jul 2001
I mean I has make a level about Quake 4 the first Death match leve.

Whene Masafi oasis will review?

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Tigger-oN unregistered
#13   21 Jul 2001
Knight Cloud: I did not understand your post at all!
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Knight Cloud unregistered
#12   21 Jul 2001
Hey Q3freak why don't you you call it Q4dm4 not like q3dm4 ,I just make about my 5th map about Quake 4 about the first deathmatch map "fourth arena" Q4DM1
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Timmy!!! unregistered
#11   21 Jul 2001
A Keeper!!!
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q3freak unregistered
#10   21 Jul 2001
<|3FG20K> : Thank you for your really nice comment!

http: Also Thanks for your opinion; I'm not amused, but its your taste and I respect it.

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<|3FG20K> unregistered
#9   21 Jul 2001
This map is awesome.
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http unregistered
#8   19 Jul 2001
Not very cool... Fun for few round....
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Knight Cloud unregistered
#7   19 Jul 2001
I just know how to make buttons open a door it is easy.

I use it for Q4dm1.

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q3freak unregistered
#6   18 Jul 2001
Thank to all, who played my map and who like it (or not).

nolimit: send a mail to me, I will tell you about the tricky stairs.

Knight Cloud: why not night skybox ?, I think -for my taste-it give me the optimal light for this map.

UncleFester: Thank you!

Octovus: Thank you for all your critical comments. About the armor shards and small healths: I like it, and I need this items. Nobody is perfect...

The Loader: Thank you; yes I have played with the bot "sarge" and he play it well, but I dont like him...

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nolimit unregistered
#5   18 Jul 2001
i love the map, i just dunno how you actually did the trick buttons thing, somebody tell me?
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Knight Cloud unregistered
#4   18 Jul 2001
Hey the texture of the red flag was not correct.

And why the map in night skybox? :o

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UncleFester unregistered
#3   18 Jul 2001
red armour placement is totally cool..

nice lvl

gets a nine from me

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Octovus unregistered
#2   18 Jul 2001
Yes Sarge would be right at home in this map :-).

Well, I must say (and for anyone reading the comments on Dead Cells I tried the right map this time :-p) that I disagree with the review.

It works well, for the most part. There are some very cool gimmicks, the shoot through floor to the red armor area being the biggest/best one; seeing those moving stairs reminded me of the many hours spent looking for secret areas in good old SP Q1.

Having a floor panel over the personal teleporter jumppad was a good idea; at first I thought it ought just to be exposed, but it would have gotten in the way. However, in my opinion it would have been even better to place the PT up on the little, empty ledge that was nearby. There were already enough buttons in that area if you asked me :-)

The powerups were just way too close together. If you grabbed the quad first, gibbing the person who grabbed the haste with either the LG, SG, or RL (in those confined corridors) was easy as pie.

My other thought was the insane abundance of small healths & armor shards. I don't know whether q3freak doesn't realise the power these have to change a game, or does and thinks lots of them is a great idea. To me, there were way too many in this map. There is a line of 8 small healths around a teleporter, which leads to a line of 4 small healths and 4 armor shards in a little alcove. Elsewhere in the map armor shards and small healths are scattered liberally. To me, this gives too much of an advantage to people who have over 100 health. If you spawn in the right place, you can have 150 health really quick. Other players who need health only have a few places to find the larger denominations that can't be taken by players who have 100+ health.

But anyways, it was fun, and if you ask me I'd give it a 7 ;-)


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The Loader unregistered
#1   18 Jul 2001
great style and close walkways; but where is Sarge ? :-)

good adaption = 9 from me !!

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