Dissoda by Strahlemann
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Featured Ripper unregistered
#4   23 Jul 2001
I second the thought of moving the RL. Having to jump for it is often an act in futility.

Very finished and appealing to the eye. I only wish i liked space floaters more.

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Strahlemann unregistered
#3   22 Jul 2001
Thanks Octovus for your comment.

You're right: Nunuk is definetly at the top of all mappers so i didn't expect to come close to his perfect work :-).

My problem was that i couldn'`t do any beta-testing on this map (i will for sure for my next map) so Gameplay and item placement is still a problem.

Perhaps i'll modify this map one day ;-)

Thx for your comment


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Octovus unregistered
#2   18 Jul 2001
Interesting map! Taking inspiration from Nunuk is certainly a good idea; as far as floaters are concerned, no one can argue that he is among the very best Q3A mappers.

The level worked fairly well as far as gameplay was concerned. If you like the sort of brush-controlled jumppads that lead to the quad damage on this map, check out Birth Machine at <a href="www.extralife.it/birthmachine.zip" target="_blank">www.extralife.it/birthmachine.zip</a>

I would argue that Birth Machine is not quite as good as this map, but it's a good example. The curvy/funky upper area where the rail was was cool; you could see the action beneath you and figure which way you should jump down for some cool mid-air frags :-)

Figuring out how to get the quad confused me at first, but once you get it, it's really quite simple; just watch out that you don't get railed when you come shooting out the other end :-)

One thing I might have liked to see was not having to jump to get the rocket launcher. It is easy to be railed (by a good player) and on this type of map, the rocket launcher is not that good anyways, except perhaps in the tight hallways below where the megahealth. Which brings me to my other thought, the megahealth area seemed disused. Maybe putting another weapon there (the grenade launcher could be very fun on this map ;-) ) would add to the gameplay a little bit.

Over all, great release, gets an 8 from me :-)


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The Loader unregistered
#1   18 Jul 2001
somehow interesting and the possibility to shot through the ground is strategically well done

a 8 from me :-)

but now it´s time to fly

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