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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 1758
#3   19 May 2012
Totally Quake 1. Ahhh the memories of playing Team Fortress on Zero EQuake (^_^)

May actually encourage me to reinstall that old game.

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FragTastic Rep. 1420
#2   19 May 2012
I guess this map is based on a mysterious hideaway?!. Anyways it does look appealing and I think I may spot some of the same textures from a different map but that's no problem. I have tested it and it does have good Gameplay but I would like to say that this map should contain different wall textures. It just seems to be the same vine wallpaper across all the walls of the map. Not bad! 8/10.
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Anonymous Cowherd unregistered
#1   05 Aug 2008
It looks, and sounds (esp from "way too many teleporters"), like it may be inspired by q1dm6.
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