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Lsdctf (2 maps)
Lsdctf (2 maps) by Salt & Loco
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Tetzlaff unregistered
#16   12 Oct 2000
Forsaken Citadels (lsdctf1) has very nice, monumental architecture and interesting layout. But Botplay isn´t fun because of that double jumppads, they just don´t manage it...
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Necromancer unregistered
#15   21 Aug 2000
Got to check out the 'security monitors' in lsdctf4, awesome concept!
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OneMan unregistered
#14   21 Aug 2000
Top 10 most popular maps as ranked by the CLQ, top 3 non-id maps! These maps own!
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dope unregistered
#13   26 Mar 2000
bots totally cant handle lsdctf1, it was soo funny a bot on my team had the flag on the other teams double jumppads and just kept jumpin up and down and up and down and up... stupid friggin bots..
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[NRD]10sun unregistered
#12   28 Feb 2000
As much as I like LSDCTF1, I do have to complain about the significant drop in frame rates in several areas. I recently got a GeForce DDR(now I'm running with everything cranked), so this kinda dissappoints me. I await the next release of LSDCTF1... it is great playing it with the FragLan Mod.

On LSDCTF4, I played against a half dozen hardcore bots with 4 of my friends and it was just too easy b/c they couldn't navigate the upper passage to the flag and thus got stuck at the gate and were consistently "raped" by the d. Might I suggest making the quad a bit easier to get to b/c it was rather difficult without the grapple to make those jumps correctly.

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Techno unregistered
#11   23 Feb 2000
Obstacles enhance the gaming experience by adding strategy. These aren't rocket arena maps. Anybody with real CTF experience remembers the countless hours they spent playing the Forgotten Mines map. It owned and now I can play it with Q3, w00t!
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both artists-bad mappers unregistered
#10   17 Feb 2000
Salt and loco are wondeerful artists and it shows with detail,creativity and textures and lighting.....but they are horrible at making user maps...both are kind of unplayable{mines level with water and obstacles} and {Citadel is too open and detailed and hurts ganeplay by lag and space]
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Rockford unregistered
#9   16 Feb 2000
Naa..this map is not staying on my hard drive...

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SgtRock unregistered
#8   15 Feb 2000
As good as the 3wave maps??? Are you on some sort of acid, Assball?
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Stoobie unregistered
#7   15 Feb 2000
ctf1 is pretty awful. the double jump pads are a failing cutesy move. there are large rooms with no purpose other than to blunder into and waste time in. the middle water obstacle is just a pain in the butt, like a boot camp nuisance. get rid of the damn wall, put a bridge over it or something, let's get back to stronghold. I dunno, it's like a series of mapping exercises, jumbled together. a 3 for this one.

ctf4 is pretty good, however. It's especially interesting to compare it to one of the halctf's, also a remake of forgotten mines, and this one's way better. In this one, he added some features that incorporated bits of the smelter q2 ctf map, which I liked. the gates at the opening to the map rooms are interesting, too. give that a 7.

5 overall

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Infern0 unregistered
#6   15 Feb 2000
I think Loco's map is awsome. Salt, your map is awsome to except for the framerate thing, which your already working on. My advice is release each map seperatly next time so they get rated individually. I released a map yesterday (jtnctf1)at frenchys and it got rated a 4/10! Yours are a lot better than mine :)
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AssBall unregistered
#5   15 Feb 2000
These maps are fantastic. For as big as the first one is, it really doesn't hurt my graphics that badly. I like the mine one more than the previous conversion (halctf1). Personally, I think these maps are as good as the ThreeWave pack.
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not entered unregistered
#4   14 Feb 2000
the one without the water is just plain to big and open. the one with the water is a little better, but slightly cramped. next time work on structure and architechture a little more and then go into small visual detail
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SgtRock unregistered
#3   13 Feb 2000
Eeeh, sorry I didn't care to much for these maps. I was a fan of Forgotten mines for Quake1 but for Quake3 this map just doesn't flow at all. The speed of the portcullis is way to slow, maybe needs to be ditched all together. the water areas need to go or some type of docks or something connecting so you don't have to swim. Just to slow to get through. With the grapple you could zip through these areas, now they are just a slow death trap.

The other map I really didn't take to much either. The whole map just seemed awkward and all the areas seemed a little to huge for me. The interior base of the flag area was just the opposite and seemed a bit small. In a large game it might be a little to hard to capture your opponents flag with some good D in there.

After tonight I doubt I will play these 2 again. Just didn't float my boat.

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LsD-Salt unregistered
#2   13 Feb 2000
Heh...ambitious? It was an attempt to make a map specifically targeted for pub play. The map really isn't meant to be interesting with less than 8 people...

As to the framerate issue - I've done some tweaking and increased the r_speeds alot in the "trouble" area near the quad tower. I'll be re-releasing this map soon along with another all new map.

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TargetBoy unregistered
#1   13 Feb 2000
I've played both these maps and had a great deal of fun with them. There was only one place where there seems to be a slowdown on Forsaken Citadels and that did not seem to get heavy play.
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