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Ascension to Uncertainty
Ascension to Uncertainty by Aeternus
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CZghost Rep. 1533
#17   07 Apr 2013
Readme file has no effect on author display on Worldspawn... Instead of that Worldspawn uses for author identification arena file with author key filled by value of author's nick. The arena file has no author key, so one of WS admins has marked wrong author or he thinks the Aeternus and AEon are the same person (just with different nick)...

//Edit: I don't know where admins have realised the map has been made by AEon. Readme file is missing in the pk3 and the bsp does not contain any informations about map author (written in message key for worldpsawn entity)...
Edited 1.76 hours after the original posting.

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Tig Rep. 1024
#16   07 Apr 2013
If you check the readme file - lvlworld.com/readme/id:95 - you will see that the author is listed as "Aeternus".

I can not comment about how Worldspawn goes about getting their info or if "AEon" and "Aeternus" is the same person.

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Question unregistered
#15   07 Apr 2013
on worldspawn it says AEon made this map. Are Aeternus and him two in the same?
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Tig Rep. 1024
#14   02 Aug 2010
@Caesar: For bots to play, they require what is called an 'aas' file - or more commonly called, a 'bot file'. The short answer is the Author did not include one, as stated in the review.

The long answer is ... Some Authors are either unaware of how to make these bot files, make a map with errors that a bot file would not like (leaked or 'boxed' maps) or make a map with very complex structures and not use the some of the special bot brushes to simplify the structure for the bot file compile. Basically, if there is no bot file you can not add bots.

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Caesar unregistered
#13   02 Aug 2010
Why can't I add bots?
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SW12 unregistered
#12   12 Apr 2010
Also it would be cool if the lion's flamethrower was a usable weapon. Would be fun. To Activate the Lion's heads or Volcano, Fire at the Crosses at which ever one is at which base. Have fun.
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SW12 unregistered
#11   12 Apr 2010
Volcano and lion's heads were the highlight of the map.And I think it's perfect except no bot file. To ME that IS the end of the world. MAKE MOAR MAPZ PLZ :D
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Nitebeat unregistered
#10   14 Oct 2002
Roflmao it looks like a single player map for unreal.. good one...

More like quake2 yeah ;-)

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D3FC0N unregistered
#9   09 Jun 2000
Does anyone think this map looks like any of the ActionQuake2 maps? Yikes, any map that looks like Quake2 should not be on Q3A. Oh well, since I havn't played it I won't pass judgement cause I'

m sure he worked hard on it and I have to respect that

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[NRD]10sun unregistered
#8   28 Feb 2000
Fun map... for a while. It gets really laggy near the red armor when looking towards the slime for some reason... I have more than enough of a machine to handle normal things(P3-500 w/256 RAM & GeForce DDR). I also can't seem to get the stuff activated... I wish I could b/c it sounds kewl.
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Aeternus unregistered
#7   24 Feb 2000
heh you guys are harsh, thats what i get for trying to be original. BTW the lions' head shoots flames when activated on the other base.
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Timothy 11 Black unregistered
#6   19 Feb 2000
Umm looks like an unfinished unreal map
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Quake3k unregistered
#5   17 Feb 2000
its pain in the ass to run .u have to stop and turn by then u been fragged and your pissed then u delet it
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Dude unregistered
#4   14 Feb 2000
Volcano is cool.

The rest is shit. To activate the volcano go check the review on Frenchy's, there is comments from the author there. (captured.com/frenchy)

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Belial unregistered
#3   13 Feb 2000
Gotta respect what the author was trying to do, but the trees, volcano, etc., just felt WRONG in Q3.
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d3f3nd3r unregistered
#2   13 Feb 2000
Umm, well you can go ahead and play DM on it. Or are you talking about actually altering the layout to gear it towards DM?
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Unhinged unregistered
#1   13 Feb 2000
This would make a cool DM level. Anyone know how?
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